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EastAfricaAuto the business and car listing directory of east africa
New Companies

Decorative wrought iron and ornamental iron components, fencing hardwa

SCF 124, 2nd Floor, Phase 1, Urban Estate, Jamalpu, Kenya


Porto Car Hire Kenya

Krishna Mansion, Kenya


Prime Autos Japan - Used Car Dealers

Maruichi Building 2F-2, Nakatsugawa, Japan, Kenya

+81 5-2308-3386

japan cars for sale

Sagamihara, Kanagawa Prefecture 2520314, Japan, Kenya


2014 Lexus LX 570 Base

3443, Kenya



The Car and Business Directory For Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania

Thanks for visiting East Africa Auto, the Largest Auto-Land in Africa! Here you will find the most comprehensive business listing directory of new and used cars, car dealers, car spares and accessories, motorcycles, car insurance, boats, farm machinery, car loans and hotels in the east Africa region. You can easily find cars available by manufacturer, model or type, we also have a large listing of businesses in the Kenya, Tanzania and the Uganda regions of east Africa. You can also add your company to our Business Directory with just a few clicks, or submit a car to sell in our Classified Ad section. And don't forget, for the next 6 months ... all listings are free!

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